SMS2016 [第131回金研講演会]

Time [日時]

May 18-20, 2016 [2016年5月18日 - 20日]

Location [場所]

Auditorium, Bldg.2, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku Univ. [東北大学 金属材料研究所 2号館講堂] MAP

Topics [内容]

SMS 2016 poster (333KB)

May 18 (Wed.)

Young Scientist Workshop
Oral session
Young Scientist Workshop
Poster session
Young Scientist
Poster Presentation Award

May 19 (Thu.)

Spin Current; its Physics and Applications
S. Maekawa (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Magnon Supercurrents
B. Hillebrands (Technical University of Kaiserslautern)
Spin Hall Effects in Metals
A. Hoffmann (Argonne National Laboratory)
Topological Spin Structure Dynamics
M. Kläui (Johannes Gutenberg University)
Spin Current Generators
E. Saitoh (IMR)
Role of Magnetism for Cuprate Superconductivity
K. Yamada (Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK)
Quantum-Matter Heterostructures
J. Mannhart (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)
Unusual Superconductivity in Heavy-fermion Compounds
I. Sheikin (LNCMI, CNRS)
Atomic-Level Control of Two Dimensional Material Growth: From Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect to High Tc Superconductivity
Q. K. Xue (Tsinghua University)
Superconductivity in Nanomaterials
Y. Iwasa (University of Tokyo)
Magnetic Hyperthermia for the Remedial Treatment of Cancer and Other Tumours
K. O’Grady (University of York)
Dy-free High Coercivity Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets
K. Hono (National Institute for Materials Science)

May 20 (Thu.)

Silicon Crystallization for High-Performance Solar cells
E. R. Weber (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE)
Grain Structure of Photovoltaic Silicon Ingots
T. Duffar (Grenoble Institute of Technology)
Dendritic, High Performance Multi-crystalline, and Mono-like Silicon Casting: A Few Things We Learned from There
C. W. Lan (National Taiwan University)
From Clusters to Crystals: A Bottom-up Design of Energy Materials
P. Jena (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Now and Future of Lithium Ion Batteries: Safety Problems to All-Solid-State Batteries
J. Kawamura (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Complex Hydrides for Energy Device Research
S. Orimo (IMR)
The Microstructure of Dislocated Martensitic Steel: What It Is, Why It Is, and Why It Matters
J. W. Morris Jr. (University of California Berkeley)
Informatics Approaches for Materials Discovery
I. Tanaka (Kyoto University)
Research in Phase Transformations in Steel: Recent Progress; Unanswered Questions.
G. R. Purdy (McMaster University)
First-Principles Calculation of Phase Stability, Phase Equilibria and Phase Transition
T. Mohri (IMR)
Grain Boundary Atomic Structures, Segregation and Vacancies in Oxides
Y. Ikuhara (University of Tokyo)
High Performance Magnesium Alloys with Long Period Stacking Ordered Structure
Y. Kawamura (Kumamoto University)
Design and Development of New Titanium Alloys for Spinal Fixation Devices
M. Niinomi(Meijo University)