Graduate Schools

IMR hosts many graduate students who are supervised by IMR staff, but are at the same time members of a Graduate School of Tohoku University.

Learning opportunities at IMR

All research divisions and centers of IMR are joined in Collaborative Research Groups of many graduate schools at Tohoku University as shown here. The teaching staff members are therefore authorized to supervise 4th year undergraduate and graduate (Master and Ph.D.) students.
Potential international students at IMR, are required to undergo an admission exam of an appropriate graduate school.

Guidance for international graduate students at the Tohoku University

Please contact the admission offices of the graduate schools for more information.

  • 【Graduate school of Engineering】E-mail
  • 【Graduate school of Science and Faculty of Science】E-mail
  • 【Graduate school of Environmental Studies】E-mail
  • 【Graduate school of Biomedical Engineering】E-mail