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  • 2019

    Feb. 14th

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Papers of Editors' Choice

    Laboratory of Low Temperature Materials Science

    Shintaro NAKAMURA

  • 2018

    Apr. 16th

    CSJ Student Presentation Award 2018

    Solid-State Metal-Complex Chemistry

    Zhang JUN

    Mar. 24th

    2018 Annual Meeting of Excellent Graduate Schools for Materials Integration Center and Materials Science Center in conjunction with 2018 Russia-Japan Conference "Advanced Materials: Synthesis, Processing and Properties of Nanostructures” Poster Presentation Award

    Non-Equilibrium Materials

    Won Young PARK

    Jan. 25th

    ISRD2018: International Symposium on Radiation Detectors and Their Uses Poster presentation award

    Advanced Crystal Engineering

    Shohei KODAMA