Collaborative courses

The teaching staff members are authorized to supervise 4th year undergraduate and graduate (Master and Ph.D.) students.

Please contact admission office at each graduate school, if you need more information about learning as graduate.

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Department Division Professer/Head of center
Science:Department of Physics Theory of Solid State Physics Yusuke NOMURA
Crystal Physics Kozo FUJIWARA
Magnetism Hiroyuki NOJIRI
Low Temperature Condensed State Physics Takahiko SASAKI
Quantum Beam Materials Physics Masaki FUJITA
Quantum Functional Materials Physics Yoshinori ONOSE
Laboratory of Low Temperature Materials Science Tsutomu NOJIMA
Science:Department of Chemistry Solid-State Metal-Complex Chemistry Hitoshi MIYASAKA
Science:Quantum science and energy engineering Irradiation Effects in Nuclear and Their Related Materials Yasuyoshi NAGAI
Environmentally Robust Materials Eiji AKIYAMA
Nuclear Materials Engineering Ryuta KASADA
Actinide Materials Science Dai AOKI
Engineering: Materials Science Materials Design by Computer Simulation Momoji KUBO
Chemical Physics of Non-Crystalline Materials Kazumasa SUGIYAMA
Non-equilibrium Materials Hidemi KATO
Magnetic Materials Takeshi SEKII
Engineering: Materials Processing Advanced Crystal Engineering Research Laboratory Akira YOSHIKAWA
Multi-Functional Materials Science Yu KUMAGAI
Cooperative Research and Development Center for Advanced Materials Rie UMETSU
Engineering: Metallurgy Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials Tadashi FURUHARA
Structure-Controlled Functional Materials Testu ICHITSUBO
Engineering: Applied Physics High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials Satoshi AWAJI
Biomedical Engineering:Medical Materials Non-Equilibrium Materials Hidemi KATO
Deformation Processing Kenta YAMANAKA
Environmental Studies Hydrogen Functional Materials Shin-ichi ORIMO
Analytical Science Masashi WATANABE