Organization Map

April 2024

Administrative Office

Administrative Office

  • Head : Masayuki FUNADA

General Affairs Department

  • Manager : Hideki SATO
  • General Affairs Division

    • Chief of General Affairs Section: Wataru SASAKI
    • Chief of Personnel Affairs Section:Noriko KAYABA
  • Collaborative Research Division

    • Chief of Research Cooperation Section:Satsuki HORITA
    • Chief of Librarian Section:Hitomi FUKUI

Finance Department

  • Manager : Hidetoshi SATO
  • Finance Division

    • Chief of Budget Section:Kohichi SATAKE
    • Chief of Accounting Section:Takemitsu ABE
  • Asset Management Division

    • Chief of Procurement Management Section:Taiichi ONO
    • Chief of Asset Management Section:Tohru KONNO
  • Facilities Division

    • Chief of Construction Section:Emiko OYAMA
    • Chief of Facilities Section:Hiroaki SAIJO

Administrative Office of International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science

  • Head of Office:Keiichi OHTA