Ultimate structure and composition of lithium niobate (LiNbO3) for superior optical properties


 Theory of Solid State Physics group (S. Maekawa's group), in collaboration with research groups from Keio University and RIKEN, has revealed that the flow of magnetism, "spin current," can be generated by heating one end of a magnet without the aid of electric currents and magnetic fields for the first time in the world. This thermally created spin current does not involve an electrical current and survives in almost 1cm long, 10000 times longer than those generated by conventional methods. Such a pure spin current enables to drive magnetic memories, magnetic hard disks, and quantum computers, bringing the promising application as the new energy technology. This research achievement was published in the British Science Journal "Nature" on 9, October 2008, introduced in "NEWS & VIEWS" of the same issue, and broadcasted in NHK news (Nov. 19th).

Figure: Electric double layer transistor.

Figure: Electric double layer transistor.

Prof. Maekawa group(Theory of Solid State Physics)