Research results in new project on “Joining Technology for New Metallic Glasses and Inorganic Materials”  


  1st: Over review of organization, cooperative papers and patents in the new project on Joining Technology for New Metallic Glasses and Inorganic Materials which has been organized in cooperation among the research groups at three institutes; Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University; Materials and Structure Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology; and Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University.  2nd: news of joining for metallic glass and steel, and polymer film in Osaka University  3rd: news of research result for reason of metallic glasses against soldering, and electromagnetic strain joining inorganic device using metallic glass in Tokyo Institute of Technology.  4th: news of superior hydrogen permeability by amorphous oxide laminated Ni-based metallic glass membrane, compared with high cost Pd one, by cooperation of Institute for Materials Research and Materials and Structure Laboratory.  5th: news of Au-Cu-based metallic glass which can be wrought in hot water, by Materials Research and Materials.  6th: news of biomedical finger joint with bioactivity which is fabricated by bioactive ceramic layers on Ti-based metallic glass, based on cooperation of three institutes.  7th: news of dc current induced-ac one device by room-temperature quantum dot tunneling, using of Ni-based glassy alloy with hydrogens, consisting of nano scale size icosahedral metallic clusters.

  fig:Developed biomedical finger joint with bioactivity

fig: Developed biomedical finger joint with bioactivity

Metallic Glasses Project