Observation of universal spin-lattice coupling in the frustrated antiferromagnets by using ultra-high magnetic field neutron diffraction


  Magnetism division grope has performed the neutron diffraction in 30 Tesla pulsed magnetic field on frustrated Cr-spinel antiferromagnet and found that there exists a common magnetic structure in this type of compounds. It indicates that a universal spin-lattice coupling mechanism induces the high field property of the Cr-spinel. The neutron diffraction has been conducted at Institute for Laue Langevin by using the original mobile pulsed magnetic field generator for neutron diffraction. The system has been developed by the cooperation between Tohoku University and Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The present case is the first technical transfer of the system for foreign institute and it is supported by the ICC-IMR center of IMR. This result was published in Physical Review Letters (vol. 104, 047201, Jan. 26, 2010), and was introduced also by press sources as Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Jan. 25th, 2010).

Fig. Magnetic field dependence of Bragg peak intensity in Cr spinel CdCr2O4