Observation of very long-lived spins in superconductors


  Dr. Stuart S. P. Parkin, Dr. Hyunsoo Yang and Dr. See-Hun Yang at IBM Research-Almaden, Assistant professor Saburo Takahashi in Theory of Solid State Physics group, and Director Sadamichi Maekawa at Advanced Science Research Center of Japan Atomic Energy Agency have discovered that the lifetime of spin-polarized quasiparticles injected into a superconductor from ferromagnetic tunnel spin injectors is unexpectedly long. The lifetime of the spins in the superconducting state is about a million times longer than that in the normal conducting state. This feature is essential to the development of quantum-bits for future super-fast quantum computers. These findings were published in the scientific journal "Nature Materials" as an Advanced Online Publication (June 6, 2010), and were reported in news papers of Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Denki Shimbun, and Kagaku Shimbun
Theory of Solid State Physics group