The development of flexible single-walled carbon nanotube transistors using ink-jet process


Low Temperature Condensed State Physics group (Prof. Iwasa’s group) has fabricated single-walled carbon nanotube transistors on flexible plastic substrates in collaboration with Prof. M. Shiraishi (Osaka University) and Brother Industries, Ltd.. We succeeded in applying ink-jet process to nanotube transistors, which is suitable for large-area electronics, and in fabrication of transistors on any type of substrate, including flexible plastic substrates. This technique accelerates the realization of carbon nanotube flexible electronics. This result was introduced with Nikkei-Sangyo Shimbun on July 4 and July 17.
Carbon nanotube transistor printed  by ink-jet process on plastic substrate.

Carbon nanotube transistor printed by ink-jet process on plastic substrate.

Prof. Iwasa’s group (Low Temperature Condensed State Physics)