Discovery of a new spin injection method available into all types of materials -The significant progress for development of next-generation energy-saving devices



 A research group led by Assistant Professor Kazuya Ando and Professor Eiji Saito at Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, and Director Sadamichi Maekawa at Advanced Science Research Center of Japan Atomic Energy Agency has discovered a novel spin injection method which can be enhanced to all kinds of materials.

 Recently, spintronics has been expected as an energy-saving electronic information technology. In spintronics, spin current which means magnetic current of electrons is utilized, instead of electric current. Development of versatile spin injection method available into all types of materials is the most critical task for realization of next-generation spintronics devices, such as quantum computers and very low power consumption information-processing devices. However, it is not easy to produce spin current. Because of physical constraints, spin current could be injected only into very limited types of materials.

 In this study, the research group has developed an extremely versatile spin injection method that is not subject to any physical constraints, by utilizing magnetic dynamics. In addition, the research group has revealed that the method can be controlled by electric field, and has successfully produced 1,000 times larger spin current than that by conventional method.

 The research results enable high-efficiency spin injection into not only metals, but also semiconductors, organic substances, and high-temperature superconductors with ease, and offer design of spintronics devices greater latitude. It is expected to contribute to next-generation energy-saving electronics with a very low impact on the environment.