Service Divisions

Network Office

Momoji KUBO

Head : Prof.Momoji KUBO

  • Prof.Tetsu ICHITSUBO
  • Technical Staff Masashi OHBA
  • Technical Staff Wataru ABE
  • Technical Staff Kota TANNO

Providing Comfortable, Stable and Securely High Speed Network Environment

Transfer of information has been made a greater capacity at high speed by the rapid progress and proliferation of networking technology. Information network through computers including Internet is necessary for our daily activities in the academic and research environment. For example, information dissemination from website, information exchange by e-mail, information retrieval on paper search and Web conference over Internet is indispensable for our research.

Network office administrates an operation and maintenance of network devices for comfortable, stable and securely network and also provides technical support of network and computers for users at IMR, such as ;

  • Maintenance of computer network
  • Support for Collaborative Research System by Web service
  • Operation and management of Large size printer for poster, Web conference system, Wireless LAN system and SSL-VPN service
  • User support
  • Security measures
Equipments for network system

Equipments for network system

A technical staff is working in the server room

A technical staff working in the server room

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