Service Divisions

Technical Service Center


Head:Takamasa SUGAWARA

  • Deputy Head Toshiko ITAGAKI
  • Expert Masashi OHBA

Supporting a Research in All Fields

The Technical Service Center consists of six groups which are grouped in four sections. The center is staffed with 45 members. The main objective is to provide all phase of technical service for research laboratories, centers and facilities in IMR. 

(1) Planning and Management Section (Chief: Kazuhiro SATO)
  ・Supply of technical information
  ・Assistance for review operation
(2) Material Development Section (Chief: Fuyuki SAKAMOTO)
  • Material Preparation Group (Leader: Shin-ichiro TOZAWA)

  ・Preparation and development of new materials
  ・Synthesis of high-quality crystals

  • Chemical Analysis and Material Testing Group

  ・Chemical and instrumental analyses
  ・Characterization of material properties

(3) Special Environment Section (Chief: Kazunori HOSOKURA)
  • High Magnetic Field and Low Temperature Group (Leader: Asato OGATA)

  ・Operation of high magnetic field
  ・Supply of liquid helium and nitrogen

  • Radioactive Protection Group (Leader: Masanori YAMAZAKI)

  ・Support for handling radioactive materials
  ・Operation of hot facilities

(4) General Technique Section (Chief: Ken'ichi HONGO)
  • Mechanical Processing Group (Leader: Toshikazu SATO) 

  ・Designing and development of experimental instruments 
  ・Preparation of testing samples

  • Computer Network Group (Leader: Nobuaki IGARASHI) 

  ・Service of computer network system in IMR 
  ・Operation of supercomputing system

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