Materials Development Division

Chemical Physics of Non-Crystalline Materials Research Laboratory


Prof.Kazumasa SUGIYAMA

  • Assist. Prof. Toru KAWAMATA
  • Assist. Prof. Ryo YAMANE

Inorganic Materials with Complex Structures

Fundamental properties of functional materials such as metallic glasses, semiconductors and ceramics are strongly associated with their structures. Recently, these interesting materials indicate sophisticated structures with unique atomic arrangements.

In order to clarify interesting physico-chemical properties, advanced analytical techniques using advanced X-ray sources are strongly required in the field of materials science. The fine structural images of materials serve a creative idea for producing a variety of functional materials.

Our current topics are as follows,
1) Complex metal structures associated with quasicrystals.
2) Structure of disordered materials such as amorphous alloys and oxide glasses.
3) Synthesis and characterization of micro-porous cavities occluded by organic molecules.
4) Development of new oxide crystals activated by rare earth elements.

anomalous X-ray scattering, disordered structure, synchrotron radiation, quasicrystal, single crystal X-ray diffraction
Environmental structural analysis by using synchrotron radiation source.

Environmental structural analysis by using synchrotron radiation source

The structure model of IGZO (InGaZnO4)

The structure model of IGZO (InGaZnO4)

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