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  • Assoc.Prof. Haruhiko MORITO
  • Assist. Prof. Kensaku MAEDA
  • Assist. Prof. Lu-Chung CHUANG

Crystal growth for the Future of the Human Being Spciaty

We have to face an energy and environmental problem to build a persistent human being society. The aim of our group is to create energy materials through fundamental studies of crystal growth mechanisms.

  1. Development of in situ observation system: We have developed a technology to observe a crystal/ melt interface at a high temperature more than 1400°C.
  2. Elucidation of melt growth mechanisms: We study the melt growth mechanisms of various materials including semiconductors, metallic alloys and compounds to build a general theory of the melt growth mechanisms.
  3. Development of crystal growth technology for obtaining a high homogeneous and high quality multicrystalline Si (mc-Si) ingot for solar cells: We realize an mc-Si ingot for high-efficiency solar cells and contribute to construction of energy-environment harmonic society.
  4. Creating new materials: We create novel functional materials by metal flux methods.
crystal growth, in situ observation, crystal/melt interface, solar cells
In situ observation system and images of crystal/melt interface instability of multicrystalline Si.

In situ observation system and images of Si crystal/melt interface

Casting furnace and mc-Si for solar cells

Casting furnace and multicrystalline Si ingot for solar cells

Si clathrate grown by 
Na fl ux method.

Si clathrate grown by Na flux method

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