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Center of Neutron Science for Advanced Materials


Head/Prof.Masaki FUJITA

  • Prof. Dai AOKI
  • Prof. Satoshi AWAJI
  • Assoc. Prof. Yusuke NAMBU

New Era of Materials Science Open by Neutron Beams

The neutron scattering technique is an indispensable probe for advanced material science. This center provides a platform about neutron scattering that aims to enhance the researches of environment materials, such as hydrogen storages and functional magnets.

IMR has a long history and achievements in material science using neutron beams. We manage a neutron diffractometer and two neutron spectrometers at the research reactor JRR-3 and provide opportunities for general users to conduct neutron beam experiments. Moreover, we recently constructed a high-energy neutron spectrometer in Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex in collaboration with High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. In this remarkable turning point, this center utilizes neutron scattering instruments at JRR-3 and J-PARC as a platform for neutron beam usage and collaborates with other centers and laboratories of IMR to contribute to the advancement of materials science.

neutron scattering, spin, hydrogen, J-PARC/JRR-3
This center operates three neutron instruments

This center operates three neutron instruments in a reactor facility and promotes unique research in material science by utilizing novel neutron scattering techniques

A new neutron spectrometer

A new neutron spectrometer, which has been constructed under the KEK-Tohoku Univ. collaboration, in J-PARC

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