The 4th Symposium for The Core Research Cluster for Materials Science and the 3rd Symposium on International Joint Graduate Program in Materials Science(11/16-18)

Time November 16 (Mon)- 18 (Wed), 2020
Location ONLINE

Poster(PDF: 1.56 MB)

Tohoku University was named one of the first three Designated National Universities in Japan on June 30, 2017 by the Japanese Government. As a Designated National University, we initiated the “Core Research Clusters” to strengthen four research fields; materials science, spintronics, next-generation medical care and disaster science. Also, International Joint Graduate Program in Materials Science aims to cultivate internationally capable and highly creative professionals in the materials science field. we have presented distinguished achievements so far. Therefore we would like to hold, continuing from past years, the symposium on the research field of Materials Science to show our research results and discuss future prospects.
The symposium is co-hosted also by GIMRT, IMR, Tohoku Univ.
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