Lectures: Fundamentals of Crystal Growth by Prof. Dr. Peter Rudolph ( 10/1, 9, 16)

Time Oct. 01, 09, 16
Location Seminar Room 1, 2ndFloor, International Center of Education Research, IMR

Poster(PDF: 165 KB)

Prof. Peter Rudolph was awarded “Fellowship award” for his excellent researches and educations under the program of “FY2018 JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan” by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
This is a good opportunity for us to study fundamentals of crystal growth, especially bulk crystal growth from the melt.
Dates and Contents
(Lectures start at 13:00 pm)
Oct. 01 : Introduction, Thermodynamics and Kinetics part 1
Oct. 09 : Kinetics part 2 and Transport processes
Oct. 16 : Defects
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