The 13th International Workshop on Biomaterials in Interface Science Innovative Research for Biosis-Abiosis Intelligent Interface Summer Seminar 2018

Time Aug. 2 (Thu) - 3 (Fri), 2018
Location Akiu Onsen, Hotel Hananoyu

Welcome to the 13th International Workshop on Biomaterials in Interface Science

Materials used at the present age are often required for multi-functionality under various and complex circumstances. To meet this demand, it is quite difficult by using and developing monolithic and homogeneous materials; therefore, the development of material designs on composites is one of the most important issues in a variety of the research fields of material science. Three departments in Tohoku university, IMR, Graduate School of Dentistry and Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science, have proceeded with a collaborative project entitled “Innovative Research for Biosis-Abiosis Intelligent Interface” (JFY2011-2015). Through this 5-year project, we established the biosis-abiosis intelligent interface science by collaborations across not only departments in Tohoku university but also domestic and abroad institutes and universities. In this workshop, the material design of artificial FGMs with high biocompatibility in the vital environment will be discussed, based on the biosis-abiosis intelligent interface science. Interdisciplinary discussions and state-of-the-art research presentations on various types of materials of metals, ceramics, polymers and glass are expected by international researchers and students from wide research fields such as material science, dentistry and medical engineering.
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