The Fifth General Meeting of ACCMS-VO (Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science - Virtual Organization)

Time Dec. 10(Fri.) - 13 (Mon.), 2010
Location Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University and Taikanso Hotel
Purpose of establishment of the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science in IMR (Institute for Materials Research), Tohoku University: 1. Realize "Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science(ACCMS) - Virtual Organization" as advanced and expansive ACCMS. 2. Recognize IMR as an important center at international level through the use of a high-speed network. (Proactive approach to high-speed network between Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, etc. provided by NII to realize sophisticated international collaborative researches.) (Parallel Sessions: IMR Workshop, International Conference of Hydrogen Storage)
Registration Fee 15000JPY
Registration Deadline October 13th
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