ICC-IMR / 20th REIMEI International Workshop "Spin Mechanics 2"

Time 21(Sat.)–24(Tue.) June, 2014
Location Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan

According to Noether’s theorem rotational symmetry implies conservation of angular momentum. If in a condensed matter system the magnetization and therefore intrinsic (spin) angular momentum of the many-body electron wave function varies in time, it must be compensated by an equivalent change in the angular momentum of the embedding lattice. This coupling between spin and magnetization is the subject of the field of Spin Mechanics. A first workshop was organized in the beginning of this year at the Advanced Science Research Center of the JAEA. The very positive response to this try out from both participants and the community motivates us to organize a second workshop on a somewhat expanded scale, welcoming scientists from theory, computational material science, and experiments.
The workshop will cover all aspects of spin mechanics including the following topics:
- Acoustically induced spin pumping.
- Mechanical control of magnetic anisotropy
- Einstein, de Haas, and Sagnac effects in nanostructures.
- Spin currents by rotation
- Mechanical spin detection
- Magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM)
- Spin-flip dissipation induced mechanical torques
- Magnon-phonon interaction
- Spin Seebeck effect
- Ultrasound and surface acoustic wave-induced magnetization dynamics,
- Acoustic spin pumping
- Spin-torque induced mechanical motion, nanoscale pumps and motors
- Magnetic resonance force microscopy
- Magnetically actuated NEMS
- Spin-induced fluid dynamics
- Spin torque motors
- Quantum effects (magnetic tunneling, magnon condensation, etc.)

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