International Workshop 2015 “SPIN ENERGY MATERIALS”

Time 3(Tue.)–4(Fri.) December, 2015
Location OKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity 3F, Lecture Theater, Katahira Campus,Tohoku University, Japan
“Spin Caloritronics” and “Spin Mechanics” are emerging instruments for the control of heat, electricity, and motion by the manipulation of the spin degree of freedom in magnetic structures. In order to make a spin-based energy transformation scheme interesting for practical applications further improvements in both materials and devices are required. This workshop addresses experimental and theoretical aspects of novel and efficient spin transport/conversion materials for advances in spin energy conversion, bringing together theoreticians, computational scientists and experimentalists interested in spin energy materials.

Invited Speakers 
- Felix Casanova (NanoGUNE, Spain)
- Oliver Klein (CEA-IRAMIS, France)
- Roberto Myers (Ohio State University)
- Ke Xia (Beijing Normal University)
- Joseph Barker (Tohoku University)
- Dazhi Hou (Tohoku University)
- Akihiro Kirihara (NEC)
- Takashi Kimura (Kyushu University)
- Hiroshi Kohno (Nagoya University)
- Sadamichi Maekawa (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
- Akira Oiwa (Osaka University)
- Rafael Ramos (Tohoku University)
- Gen Tatara (RIKEN)
- Koji Usami (University of Tokyo) 
- Takehito Yokoyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Entry -The workshop is free of charge. Those who want to participate in the workshop, please contact to the following E-mail.
-A conference dinner will be held on 3rd December. The fee will be charged.
Registration Fee
Registration Deadline
Contact Masaki Mizuguchi (IMR, Tohoku University) (Please change "_at_" to @)