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Collaborative Research Divison
Collaborative Research Laboratory for Non-Equilibrium Soft Magnetic Materials Development and Practical Use of Non-Equilibrium Soft Magnetic Materials Originated from University by Collaborating with Private Companies through Joint Venture System

The present collaborative research laboratory strongly promotes the development oriented for practical usage of hetero-amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys (NANOMET®), which have originally found by Tohoku University as a result of fundamental research achievements. The hetero-amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys are epoch-making materials in that they exhibit unprecedented properties than conventional soft magnetic materials to date, such as high magnetic flux density and lower coercivity than Silicon Steel. It is expected that these superior soft magnetic properties are to be realized in near future in the fields of infrastructure (e.g. transformers) and machinery/public welfare (e.g. motors). The research and development hereafter have principally focused on solving issues for practical usage in terms of production procedure and costs. Thus, it is essential to set up an initiative where the knowledge from relevant private companies is accommodated. On the basis of these background, the present collaborative research laboratory has been launched as of August in 2015 as the first one in Institute for Materials Research in a framework of strengthen the collaborations aimed with practical usage of non-equilibrium soft magnetic materials (hetero-amorphous powders, nanocrystalline ribbons and nanocrystalline powders). Research and development will be performed regarding collecting raw materials, processes, production methods and production apparatuses that are oriented for establishing mass production at private companies with aim to hold the coexistence of the properties in industrialized sample scale and costs by optimizing every aspects.

Head Prof. Akihiro MAKINO

Head Prof./
Research Prof.
Akihiro MAKINO

Specially Appointed Prof.

Hidemi KATO

(Left) Stator core assembled by new nanocrystalline alloy NANOMET®/(Right) A demonstrative motor for evaluating performance.

(Left) Stator core assembled by new nanocrystalline alloy NANOMET®.
(Right) A demonstrative motor for evaluating performance.

Outer appearances of (Left) consolidated core and (Right) core product.

Outer appearances of (Left) consolidated core and (Right) core product.