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Materials Development Division
Hydrogen Functional Materials Advanced Hydrides, for Energy-Related and Environmental Applications

Our group is currently working on the establishment of materials science related to “hydrogen”, as it is one of the most promising options for storing and converting the energy collected from renewable energies and alternative fuels. The primary objective is the development of novel hydrogen storage materials for automotive applications, using multiple cuttingedge techniques for atomic/electronic characterization and first-principles calculations. In addition to the hydrogen storage materials, we are engaged in the development of fast-ionic conductors and the implementation of them into next-generation energy devices.

Prof. Shin-ichi ORIMO Prof.

Motoaki MATSUO

Assist. Prof.
Shigeyuki TAKAGI

Assist. Prof.
Toyoto SATO

(a) High-temperature high-pressure apparatus “Hy-Dra” utilizing cubic-type multi-anvil press (left), schematic depiction of the formation process of novel perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3 (right), (collaboration with Japan Atomic Energy Agency), and (b) sodium fast-ionic conductivity of complex-hydride Na2(BH4)(NH2).