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Materials Development Division
Hydrogen Functional Materials Advanced Hydrides, for Energy-Related and Environmental Applications

This division is engaged in investigating the underlying functionalities of hydrides behind the bonding states of hydrogen,and material design for the solution of energy and environmental issues based on the knowledge obtained. The main
subject is the exploration of high-density hydrogen storage materials that provide the foundation for hydrogen technologies such as fuel cell. Actually, we design and synthesize the new complex and metal hydrides composed of lightweight metals with specifi c nanostructures, and analyze them using atomic/electronic characterizations and fi rst-principles calculations. In addition to the hydrogen storage, we develop the wide research fi elds related to hydrides, e.g., ithium/sodium ionic conductors, and neutron shielding materials.

Prof. Shin-ichi ORIMO Prof.

Assoc. Prof.

Motoaki MATSUO

Assist. Prof.
Shigeyuki TAKAGI

Assist. Prof.
Toyoto SATO

(a) Formation process of perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3

(a) Formation process of perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3.


(b) In-situ transmission electron microscope observations of the dehydriding process of metal hydride AlH3 (collaboration with Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University).


(c) Sodium fast-ionic conductivity of complex hydride Na2(BH4)(NH2).