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International Collaboration Center (ICC-IMR) A new basis for international collaboration

International Collaboration Center, abbreviated as ICC-IMR, was founded in April, 2008, the goal of ICC-IMR is to become a center for promotion of international collaboration research in materials science, in close cooperation with the national collaboration system, which is being run by research divisions, and other three research centers in IMR. Also, through supporting the activity of Leading Program and Core-to-Core Program, we aim at forming a worldwide community for materials science researchers and at contributing to grow world-leader in young generations. It works as a gateway of diverse collaboration between international researchers and IMR members. Currently, ICC-IMR coordinates seven different programs:

1) International Integrated Project Research, which is an application-based international collaboration with overseas researchers.  2) Visiting Professorships, in which IMR invites visiting professors from abroad who will stay in IMR for more than one month and conducts long term collaboration researches with IMR,  3) Short Single Research Visits, supporting short term foreign visitors on application basis,   4) International Workshops   5) Fellowships   6) Coordination of International Collaboration  7) Material Transfer Program to foreign research institution for the international exchange.

We welcome applicants from around the globe to participate in these international programs. These applications are approved by the ICC organizing committee after the peer-reviewing process by foreign researchers. ICC-IMR activates the international collaboration through these variety of programs, and promotes the exchange agreement with foreign institutions based on international collaboration. Also, ICC-IMR funds to supports the organization of Kinken-Wakate School, which is an annually held international school for materials science for young researchers such as Ph. D students and postdocs.

Prof. Hiroyuki NOJIRI Head:Prof.
Hiroyuki NOJIRI

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