Electric-field-induced Superconductivity in an Insulator


  Superstructured Thin Film Chemistry group (M. Kawasaki's group) has succeeded in inducing superconducting state by an electric field-effect in an insulating SrTiO3 single crystal. Many superconductors have been developed by substitution of impurity atoms into an insulating mother materials. In this study, electric double layer transistor, a sort of field-effect transistor, was employed for accumulating high-density charges into an insulating oxide. Application of several voltages on the device switches the insulator to superconductor, which opens up a new way to develop new superconducting material without chemical substitution. The work has been done in collaboration with WPI-AIMR and CLTS of Tohoku-U and JST. This result was published in Nature Materials (Advanced Online Publication) on October 12th (London time), and also introduced by such press sources as NHK, Higashinihon-hoso, Asahi, Yomiuri, Kahoku-Shimpo (Oct. 13th), Nikkei Shimbun (Oct. 20th) and Kagaku Shimbun (Nov. 14th).

Figure: Electric double layer transistor.

Figure: Electric double layer transistor.

Prof. Kawasaki’s group(Superstructured Thin Film Chemistry and WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research)
Prof. Iwasa’s group (Low Temperature Condensed State Physics)
Assoc. Prof. Nojima’s group (Laboratory of Low Temperature Materials Science and Center for Low Temperature Science)