A new ferromagnetic semiconductor: Co-doped TiO2


Spin polarized nature of charge carriers is verified by Prof. Kawasaki's group for Co-doped TiO2 compound by magneto-electric properties even at room temperature. This "transparent ferromagnetic object" was discovered by the group including him three years ago and it has been under an argument whether the ferromagnetic signal comes from intrinsic source or extrinsic one such as metallic and ferromagnetic Co segregation. In this report, his group has clearly shown that this compound has carrier-induced and intrinsic ferromagnetism and will be useful for future applications. This research has significant impact for information storage and active devices such as spin transistor. The present result was published in the advanced on-line version of Nature Materials Vol. 3 (2004) on March 21, followed by press reports in Nikkei-Sangyo, Nikkan-Kogyo, and Kahoku-Shimpo on March 22.
Prof. Kawasaki's group(Superstructured Thin Film Chemistry)