Interface Engineering of Magnetic Oxides


 Ferromagnetic materials with 100% spin polarization are expected to realize sensitive magnetic-field sensors and high on/off ratio magneto-resistive junctions, which would enhance magnetic storage capacity. Correlated-electron oxides, as one of the most promising candidates, however, have not been able to realize such performances in devices. Newly developed interface-magnetization tester employing laser light enables one to realize robust magnetism at interface by design, yielding in high performance devices. The work has been done in collaboration with AIST, JST, and U-Tokyo, and was published in Science on July 30. Such newspapers as Asahi, Nikkei, Nikkan-Kogyo, Nikei-Sangyo, and Kahoku-Shimpo reported the progress.
Prof. Kawasaki's group(Superstructured Thin Film Chemistry)