Cobalt-based bulk glassy alloy with ultrahigh strength and soft magnetic properties


Co43Fe20Ta5.5B31.5 bulk glassy alloy exhibiting ultrahigh fracture strength of 5,185 MPa, high Young's modulus of 268 GPa, high specific strength of 6.0 ×105 Nm kg-1 and high specific Young's modulus of 31×106 Nm kg-1 was successfully synthesized. The strength, specific strength and specific Young's modulus are higher than previous values reported for any bulk crystalline or glassy alloys. The present result was published in the advanced on-line version of Nature Materials Vol. 2 (2003) on Sept. 21st, followed by press reports in Yomiuri (on Sept. 23), Nikkei (on Sept. 23), Kahoku (on Sept. 23), Asahi (on Sept. 25), NHK News (on Sept. 22, 18 O'clock), and etc.
Prof. Inoue group(Non-equilibrium materials)