Non-empirical law for nanoscale atom-by-atom wear


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Yang Wang, Jingxiang Xu, Yusuke Ootani, Nobuki Ozawa, Koshi Adachi, and Momoji Kubo


Advanced Science



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December 7, 2020

Press release online (in Japanese)

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Comparison of wear amount of diamond-like carbon as a function of applied normal force calculated by our proposed wear law (blue line) and molecular dynamics simulations (black rectangle).
Left and right figures show wear amount of self-affine rough surface and smooth ball-on-disk contact, respectively.
For the rough surface contact, wear amount is proportional  to applied normal load, whereas for the  smooth ball-on-disk contact, wear amount increases with applied normal load quasi-exponentially. Our proposed wear law qualitatively reproduces the above interesting load dependence of wear obtained by molecular dynamics simulations.