Observation of two types of charge density wave orders in superconducting La₂-ₓSrₓCuO₄


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J.-J. Wen, H. Huang, S.-J. Lee, H. Jang, J. Knight, Y. S. Lee, M. Fujita, K. M. Suzuki, S. Asano, S. A. Kivelson, C.-C. Kao, and J.-S. Lee

Journal:Nature Communications


Published online:July 22, 2019

Press release online (in Japanese):PDF:748KB

Fig. Temperature dependence of the CDW order in LSCO. a, b Projected scattering profiles along h as a function of temperature for x = 0.144 (a) and 0.13 (b) LSCO. The solid lines are Lorentzian fits. The red curves denote the fits for data at Tc. c–l Temperature dependent CDW peak heights and fullwidth at half-maximum (FWHM) extracted from the fits for various LSCO samples. The red dashed lines and vertical gray shades denote Tc and Tw, respectively. The colored shades and lines are guides-to-the-eye. The error bars represent 1 standard deviation (s.d.) of the fit parameters. Source data are provided as a Source Data file