A complex hydride lithium superionic conductor for high−energy−density all−solid−state lithium metal batteries


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Sangryun Kim, Hiroyuki Oguchi, Naoki Toyama, Toyoto Sato, Shigeyuki Takagi, Toshiya Otomo, Dorai Arunkumar, Naoaki Kuwata, Junichi Kawamura, and Shin-ichi Orimo

Journal:Nature Communications


Published online: March 6, 2019

Press release online (in Japanese): PDF 789KB

Stabilization of high-T phase at room temperature. a XRD patterns of Li(CB9H10) at 150 °C and 0.7Li(CB9H10)–0.3Li(CB11H12) at room temperature. b DTA curves of Li (CB9H10) and 0.7Li(CB9H10)–0.3Li(CB11H12). c Raman spectra of Li(CB9H10), Li(CB11H12), and 0.7Li(CB9H10)–0.3Li(CB11H12). d FE-SEM images of 0.7Li(CB9H10)–0.3Li(CB11H12). The magnified image (right) is of the yellow marked area (left). Scale bars, 20 μm for the left image in d and 3 μm for the right image in (From A complex hydride lithium superionic conductor for high-energy-density all-solid-state lithium metal batteries)