Quantum paramagnet near spin-state transition


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Authors:K. Tomiyasu, N. Ito, R. Okazaki, Y. Takahashi, M. Onodera, K. Iwasa, T. Nojima, T. Aoyama, K. Ohgushi, Y. Ishikawa, T. Kamiyama, S. Ohira-Kawamura, M. Kofu, and S. Ishihara

Journal:Advanced Quantum Technologies


Published online: October 7, 2018

Press release online (in Japanese): PDF 1078KB

Conceptual design of the control of the spin‐state transition. The left and right sides show the spin–orbital schemes of LS and HS states, respectively. The six 3d electrons occupy the triply degenerate t2g orbital and the doubly degenerate eg orbital in different manners. The central spin‐state critical range denotes that the novel spin–orbit states, such as the quantum linear combination states of the different spin‐states, are theoretically possible on the verge of the LS and HS degenerate point. The Sc substitution into LaCoO3 acts as a control parameter and is expected to push the system toward the critical range.(From Quantum Paramagnet Near Spin‐State Transition)