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Data Base
Date Affiliation Name Award
10/07 Deformation Processing Yufan Zhao ,
Yuichiro Koizumi,
Akihiko Chiba
Best Poster Award (TFC ELyT Off-campus Workshop for Intensive Discussions)
09/21 Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials


Murakami encouragement award, The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
08/04 Deformation Processing Keisuke Shinzawa 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM9)
07/12 Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials


et. al

Vanadium Award, IOM3 AWARDS 2016
07/07 Creation of Life Innovation Materials for Interdisciplinary and International Researcher Development

Guoqiang Xie, et. al

Outstanding Poster Award/ISMANAM2016
07/07 Non-Equilibrium Materials

Morgane Mokhtari (D1)

Outstanding Poster Award/ISMANAM2016
03/14 Materials Science of Non-Stoichiometric Compounds

Takanori Kiguchi,

Cangyu Fan, Takahisa.Shiraishi,

Akihiro Akama,

Toyohiko J. Konno

Ceramographic Award of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 2016
03/14 Crystal Chemistry Sumeng HU The Kuroda Chika Award
01/19 Biomaterials Science

P. F. Santos,

M. Niinomi,

H. Liu,

M. Nakai,

et. al

The Excellent Poster Award (Innovative Research for Biosis-Abiosis Intelligent Interface Symposium, The 6th International Symposium for Interface Oral Health Science)