KINKEN Summer School

What is KINKEN Summer School?

KINKEN Summer School is one of our contributions to industries by providing lectures on the basics of materials development and the trend of current research for the engineers in private companies. This school continued to be held for over ninety years since 1922 and the 84th school was organized in 2014. Recently the place where the school is held alternatively changes between Sendai-city and the other area in Japan.

Recentry, the school is hold on Mid-July. Please  refer to KINKEN Summer School Website if you know the details.


Group Photo in the First Time (1922)


Group Photo in the 87th (2017, Sendai)

Attendance in Summer School

  83rd Kobe
84th Sendai
85th Sendai
86th Sendai
87th Sendai
Private Companies / Total 25 / 32 19 / 32 12 / 26 30 / 38 36 / 51