Collaborative Research provided by IMR

Types of Collaborative Research

IMR performes collaborative research in the following divisions.

Individual Research Laboratories

Joint research project conducted by researchers of IMR and other universities/institutions; Four categories "Research in Priority Areas", "General Research", "Exploratory Research for Young Researchers" and "Work-shop" are prepared.

  • a)Research in Priority Areas
    Original and leading research of special priority with total budget less than 2 million JPY
  • b)General Research
    Research that is expected to produce results of collaboration, having the potential to develop into "Research in Priority Areas"
  • c)Exploratory Research for Young Researchers
    Research in an early stage of development for young researchers (not older than 37 years) with total budget up to 0.3 million JPY
  • d)Work-shop
    Meeting or forum to discuss latest key data and knowledge mutually on current research topics with total budget less than 2 million JPY

International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science

Collaborative research projects are carried out with researchers from universities and independent administrative agencies. The studies are on 1) irradiation effects of various nuclear materials utilizing JMTR* (Japan Materials Testing Reactor), experimental fast reactor JOYO, JRR-3 etc. in JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) at Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture, and 2) new type of actinide materials, including researches on nuclear fuels and their recycling processes.
* JMTR is planning out of operation for regulation.

Cooperative Research and Development Center for Advanced Materials (CRDAM)

Collaborative research projects are carried out to development of advanced materials, analysis of materials properties, and so on. Collaboration with research divisions of CRDAM and utilization of facilities in CRDAM are widely accepted. Excellent research projects are annually commended..

High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials

Collaborative research projects are performed for basic and applicational research of high temperature superconducting materials and for developing new materials in high fields by using superconducting magnets or hybrid magnets.

Center for Computational Materials Science

Collaborative research projects are performed for basic and application research on materials by using the supercomputers in the Center.

How to apply Collaborative Research?

Application process is via electronic submission system in Collaborative Research Website. Please access the following login page.