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Industry-Academia Cooperation

Institute for Materials Research (IMR) has kept a close relationship to industries since its foundation, as was described as ”Industry is a training ground of academia” by the first director, Dr. Kotaro Honda. To this day we are making continuous efforts for contributing to industries through the commercialization of new materials, giving academic/technical advice to private companies, and enforcement of collaborative research projects.

Collaborative Research with Private Companies

Joint Research and Commissioned Research in Recent Years

    2013 2014 2015
Projects 107 121 110
Research Fund (Thousand yen) 272,259 245,177 352,495
Collaborative Researchers 33 42 40
Projects 77 69 73
Research Fund (Thousand yen) 1,391,566 1,219,316 917,935

Number of Invention Notification

  2013 2014 2015
Projects 34 42 27

Number of Patents

Number of Collaborative Patent registrations with Private Companies
/All Patents held by IMR Staffs (As of June, 2016)
203 / 304

Material Solutions Center

Material Solutions Center promotes a development of new-functional materials by industry-government-academia cooperation on the basis of cutting-edge technologies developed in Tohoku University such as nanometal control, ultra-hybrid material and quantum-dot fabrication technologies. Main research subjects are (1) infrastructural materials, (2) electronic materials and (3) energy related materials. The center is cooperated by Tohoku University headquarters and Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advance Materials (IMRAM), Institute for Fluid Science (IFS) and IMR in Tohoku University.


Left: Electron Beam Melting (EBM) system
Right: High Entropy Alloy (HEA) impeller with complex design fabricated by EBM additive manufacturing

KINKEN Summer School

KINKEN Summer School is one of our contributions to industries by providing lectures on the basics of materials development and the trend of current research for the engineers in private companies. This school continued
to be held for over ninety years since 1922 and the 84th school was organized in 2014. Recently the place where the school is held alternatively changes between Sendai-city and the other area in Japan.

Group Photo in the First Time (1922)

Group Photo in the 81st (2011, Nagoya)

Attendance in Summer School

  81st Nagoya
82nd Sendai
83rd Kobe
84th Sendai
85th Sendai
Private Companies/ Total 74 / 105 25 / 43 25 / 32 19 / 32 12 / 26

Trans-Regional Corporation Center for Industrial Materials Research

Trans-Regional Corporation Center for Industrial Materials Research makes a social contribution through transferring academic outputs in collaborative research to social needs by material science cultivated in IMR and the actual achievements in industry-government-academia cooperation over 10 years at Kansai area. Further, Center aims to build the matured society through developing manufacture industry and local creation by strengthening industrial technology, innovation creation and educating next-generation human resources.

Achievement Data (2015)

Joint Research
Newspaper Publication
Research Papers
Domestic Conference
International Conference
Competitive Research Funds

Number of Technical Supports in MOBIO

Number of Technical Supports in MOBIO

Category of supported industry (2015)

Category of supported industry (2015)