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Public Relations Office


Head : Prof.Ryuta KASADA

  • Prof. Yoshinori ONOSE
  • Prof. Rie UMETSU
  • Assoc. Prof. Shigeyuki TAKAGI
  • Assoc. Prof. Haruhiko MORITO
  • Assoc. Prof. Motomichi KOYAMA
  • Res. Assoc. Misa TOMIMATSU

For the Better Communication with Society

 The Public Relations Office (PRO) has been established to freely and effectively disseminate information generated by IMR. The mission of the PRO is to distribute official information of IMR and to report our research output to society, as well as to provide intellectual resources for the scientists and engineers inside and outside of IMR. The PRO publishes the periodical ”IMR News”, as well as annual reports such as ”KINKEN Research Highlights (KRH)” and ”KINKEN Abstracts (gaiyo)”. We also administrate the IMR website ( If you would like to tour IMR, please contact our office.

Homepage on the IMR website

Homepage of the IMR website

IMR News

IMR News

Pamphlet of IMR  KINKEN Research Highlights

left: Leaflet of IMR

right: KINKEN Research Highlights

Observation of IMR by high school students

Tour of IMR by high school students

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