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Laboratory of alpha-Ray Emitters


Head : Senior Assist. Prof.Kenji SHIRASAKI

A Supportive Facility for Material Sciences for Nuclear Fuels and Radioisotopes

Our laboratory facilitates the use of more than 190 different radioisotopes and nuclear materials. This facility accommodates physical, chemical, and radiochemical researches on actinides compounds, and material scientific researches on the irradiation effect by using Nanoindenter and electron microscopes.

Especially for radiation therapy study using shortlive alpha-ray emitters, we only provide Ac-225 produced by Th-229 (U-233 source) milking method to domestic research institutes in this country. For a series of physicochemical study of uranium intermetallics, a physical properties measurement system (PPMS: the highest magnetic field of 9T) and a tetra-arc-furnace for single crystal growth were installed in 2008.

We produce suitable research environment to collaborative researchers under a close cooperation with International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science.

radioisotopes, nuclear materials, actinide compounds

Tetra-arc furnace used for preparation of actinide compounds (left) and physical properties measurement system (PPMS, light)

TEM (left) and SEM (light) used for observation of irradiated materials

Glove box with lead shielding for handling high dose sources

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