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Laboratory of alpha-Ray Emitters


Head/LectureKenji SHIRASAKI

A Supportive Facility for Material Sciences for Nuclear Fuels and Radioisotopes

Our laboratory facilitates the use of more than 170 different radioisotopes and nuclear materials. This facility accommodates physical, chemical, and radiochemical researches on actinides compounds, and material scientific researches on the irradiation effect by using measurements system of positron lifetime and electron microscopes.

Especially under the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) started from 2008, successive introductions of several advanced systems, such as a physical properties measurement system (PPMS; the magnetic field is 9 T) and a tetra-arc-furnace for single crystal growth, integrated the leading-hub laboratory in actinide physics and chemistry, under a close cooperation with International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science. In 2017, the latest light flash type thermal conductivity measurement device was also introduced in order to promote collaborative research on the irradiation effect of nuclear materials.

radioisotopes, nuclear materials, actinide compounds

Schematic illustration of a superconducting phase diagram where a spontaneous vortex state emerges as a result of the compromise of the two competitive orders; a vortex state induced by spontaneous magnetization can exist even at zero external magnetic field in UCoGe (right panel), in contrast to a regular type-II superconductor (left panel).

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