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Laboratory of Low Temperature Materials Science

Takahiko SASAKI

Head : Prof.Takahiko SASAKI

  • Assoc. Prof. Tsutomu NOJIMA
  • Assist. Prof. Shintaro NAKAMURA

Exploring and Controlling Low Temperature Properties of Materials

In this laboratory, we study the quantum phenomena occurring at low temperatures in various superconductors and highly correlated electron systems. In addition to understanding the fundamental properties of these materials, we focus on controlling them in the form of thin films and devices, which leads to finding novel physical phenomena. The current research subjects are the electric-field-induced superconductivity, two dimensional superconductivity with atomic-layer structures and exotic superconductivity in magnetic fields realized in electric double layer transistor configurations.

This laboratory also contributes to the support works at Center for Low Temperature Science, where we supply liquid helium for various research fields and teach the low-temperature experimental techniques. Various experimental facilities for low temperature researches are open to the scientists of Tohoku University and cooperative researches are now in progress.

low temperature physics, electric field induced superconductivity, superconductivity in atomic layer materials, strongly correlated electron sysytems
This center operates two neutron spectrometers

Superconductor - insulator transition observed in a high-Tc superconductor film, which is caused by electrostatic carrier doping using an electric double layer transistor configuration.

The hand-made 3He cryostat, which enables us to measure the DC magnetization at temperatures around 300 mK using the Faraday method.

The hand-made 3He cryostat, which enables us to measure the DC magnetization at temperatures below 300 mK using the Faraday method

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