Integrated Research Division

Exploratory Research Laboratory

Hidemi KATO

Prof.Hidemi KATO

  • Prof.(Cooperation Research Group) Kenichi UCHIDA
  • Prof.(Cooperation Research Group)  Sachiko HIROMOTO
  • Assoc. Prof.(Cooperation Research Group)  Naoko SATO
  • Assoc. Prof.(Cooperation Research Group)  Manami MORI
  • Assist. Prof.(Cooperation Research Group)  Shandan BAI
  • Assist. Prof.(Independent Research Group)  Kohei SHIMOKAWA
  • Assist. Prof.(Independent Research Group)  Jun ZHANG

Research frontiers by integration of cutting edge and exploratory researches

 In April 2019, this exploratory research laboratory was newly designed for the purpose of the flexible and prompt action to the cutting edge and exploratory researches in materials science. This laboratory consists three research groups which are operated in each characteristic organization and system.
 Independent research group: Young PI conducts exploratory research independently from existing research laboratories and centers in IMR. They try to create new research frontiers.
 Cooperation research group: Outstanding researchers from outside join IMR as cross appointed professors. They study cutting edge researches in cooperation with researchers in IMR actively.
 Guest professors group: This group invites researchers, especially younger ones, as guest professors widely from domestic universities and research institutes for utilizing IMR research resources in an effective manner.

integrated research, cutting edge research, exploratory research
Thermal imaging of spin-transport phenomena

Thermal imaging of spin-transport phenomena (Prof. Kenich Uchida in Cooperation Research Group)
By means of cutting-edge spin detection techniques, unconventional energy-conversion principles and applications based on the interplay among electrons, magnons, and phonons are investigated.

Development of quantum information technology

Development of stimulus-responsive metal-organic framework with multifunctional properties (Assist Prof. Jun Zhang in Independent Research Group)
By applying external stimuli such as gas, pressure, temperature, light, the variations of magnetism, conductivity, and permittivity are investigated based on the metal-organic frameworks.

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