Collaborative Research Divison

Tokyo Electron Additive Manufacturing for Multimaterials Research Laboratory


Prof.Tadashi FURUHARA

  • Assoc. Prof. Kenta YAMANAKA
  • Assist. Prof. Kenta AOYAGI

Fabrication of Novel Functional and Structural Materials via Additive Manufacturing

This collaborative research carries out three research topics. The first topic is to design lattice-structured materials and multimaterials with novel functions with an aid of computer simulations such as topology optimization. The second one is to fabricate the designed materials with additive manufacturing technologies that can fabricate parts with arbitrary shapes from 3D-CAD data without mold and subtractive machining process. The third one is to establish advanced process technologies by combining additive manufacturing with conventional processing. Based on these researches, we aim to develop novel functional and structural materials that cannot be realized by traditional process technologies.

additive manufacturing, lattice-structured materials, multimaterials
EBM system Schematic diagram

EBM system Schematic diagram


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