Materials Processing and Characterization Division

Analytical Science Research Laboratory



  • Assoc. Prof. Susumu IMASHUKU


Developing Novel Methods for Elemental Analysis

A goal of our research is to develop new industrial methods in quantitative elemental analysis. The direct determination of trace elements in industrial materials gives important information that contributes to the progress of recent material science. We suggest new analytical methods enabling trace elements at a few ppm level and light elements, such as hydrogen, lithium, nitrogen, and oxygen, to be directly determined in atomic emission spectrometry. We also study analytical applications of a low-pressure laser induced plasma as well as a glow discharge plasma associated with a spacially-resolved measurement by using an imaging spectrometer system. Fundamental research on the excitation mechanism of several excitation sources in atomic emission spectroscopy is conducted. Further, we investigate elemental analysis utilizing Cathodeluminescence phenomenon, surface analysis techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. We also develop portable analyzers and a novel method of atomic absorption spectrometry using a high sensitive spectrometer.

elemental analysis, emission spectroscopy, on-site/on-line analysis
Laser-Induced Plasma (left) and obtaind emission spectra (right)

Laser-Induced Plasma (left) and observed emission spectra (right)

Set-up for cathodoluminescence image (left) and spectrum (right)

Set-up for cathodoluminescence image (left) and spectrum (right)

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