Materials Processing and Characterization Division

Analytical Science


Prof.Kazuaki WAGATSUMA

  • Assoc. Prof. Susumu IMASHUKU
  • Assist. Prof. Hideyuki MATSUTA
  • Assist. Prof. Shunsuke KASHIWAKURA

Developing Novel Methods for Elemental Analysis

A goal of our research is to develop new industrial methods in quantitative elemental analysis. The direct determination of trace elements in high-purity materials gives important information that contributes to the progress of recent material science. We suggest new analytical methods enabling trace elements at a few ppm level to be directly determined in atomic emission spectrometry. We also study analytical applications of a low-pressure laser induced plasma as well as a glow discharge plasma associated with a spacially-resolved measurement by using an imaging spectrometer system. Fundamental research on the excitation mechanism of several excitation sources in atomic emission spectroscopy such as a radio-frequency inductively-coupled plasma and a microwave induced plasma is conducted. Further, we investigate elemental analysis utilizing Cathodeluminescence phenomenon, surface analysis techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and nano-scale X-ray analysis such as small-angle X-ray scattering and extended X-ray absorption fine structure. We also develop portable analyzers and a novel method of atomic absorption spectrometry using a high sensitive spectrometer.

elemental analysis, solid-state emission, on-site/on-line analy
Laser-Induced Plasma (left) and obtaind emission spectra (right)

Laser-Induced Plasma (left) and obtaind emission spectra (right)

Glow discharge plasma (left) and Imaging spectrometer system (right)

Glow discharge plasma (left) and Imaging spectrometer system (right)

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