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Center of Neutron Science for Advanced Materials

Head/Prof.  Masaki FUJITA    
Prof. Dai Aoki Assoc. Prof. Satoshi AWAJI
Prof. Shin-ichi ORIMO (WPI) Assoc. Prof. Yusuke NAMBU

New Era of Materials Science Open by Neutron Beams

The neutron scattering technique is an indispensable probe for advanced material science. This center provides a platform about neutron scattering that aims to enhance the researches of environment materials, such as hydrogen storages and functional magnets.

IMR owns two characteristic neutron spectrometers for materials science in a reactor facility. Moreover, in 2008, J-PARC/ MLF, which will have the most brightest neutron source, began its operation. J-PARC will defi nitely open the new era of material science. In this remarkable turning point, this center aims at creating leap of material science using neutron spectrometers in J-PARC and JRR-3, based on collaborations with other centers and laboratories in IMR. In particular, this center is the core of a project of a new neutron spectrometer in Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) under a collaboration between Tohoku Univ. and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK).

neutron scattering, spin, hydrogen, J-PARC/JRR-3
This center operates two neutron spectrometers

This center operates two neutron spectrometers in a reactor facility and promote a unique research in the material science with utilizing novel neutron scattering techniques. 

A new neutron spectrometer

A new neutron spectrometer, which has been constructing under the KEK-Tohoku Univ. collaboration, in J-PARC.

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