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Trans-Regional Corporation Center for Industrial Materials Research


Head : Prof.Naoya MASAHASHI

  • Visiting Prof. Yasuyuki KANENO
  • Visiting Prof. Tohru YAMAZAKI
  • Prof. Toyohiko J. KONNO
  • Prof. Tadashi FURUHARA
  • Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. Kenji AMIYA
  • Prof. Tsunemoto KURIYAGAWA
  • Prof. Yutaka SATO
  • Prof. Hiroyuki SHIBATA
  • Assoc. Prof. Satoshi SEMBOSHI
  • Assoc. Prof. Takanori KIGUCHI
  • Assoc. Prof. Goro MIYAMOTO
  • Assist. Prof. Mitsutaka SATO

Challenge to Social Contribution Through Industry-Academic-Government Cooperation

Trans-Regional Corporation Center for Institute for Materials Research was established as a special unit in the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University in April 2016 based on an agreement between Tohoku University and Osaka Prefecture Government. The Center aims for a contribution to social needs in metallic material manufacturing by applying academic outputs in collaborative research at IMR. Further, the Center succeeds the missions of the Kansai Center and builds the matured society through developing manufacture industry and local creation by strengthening industrial technology, innovation creation and educating next-generation human resources. The Center will make effort to promote quick and precise industry-academic-government cooperation by constructing partnership with Miyagi Prefecture Government, Sendai City, and other bureaus in Tohoku Univ. in addition to the established collaboration with the extramural organization.

industry-academia-government collaboration, environment and energy issues, social contributions
Antibacterial Ti foil and E. coli (NBRC3972) after antibacterial test (JIS R 1702)

Antibacterial Ti foil and E. coli (NBRC3972) after antibacterial test (JIS R 1702)

Parts with thermal-sprayed amorphous coating. (a) Sink-roll, (b) Torque sensor

Parts with thermal-sprayed amorphous coating (a) Sink-roll (b) Torque sensor

Colored copper alloys with high-strength and toughness

Colored copper alloys with high-strength and toughness

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