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Center for Computational Materials Science

Tetsuo MOHRI
Head/Prof.  Momoji KUBO
Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. Yayoi TERADA
Specially Appointed Assist. Prof. Hayato SHIBA
Specially Appointed Assist. Prof. Kaoru YAMAZAKI

Support for Materials Design by Supercomputer

Our supercomputer center is facilitated with SR16000 Supercomputer and IBM Blade Center which is known as the Application server. The supercomputer performs 300TFLOPS with 320 nodes, which is the world top supercomputer predominantly used by materials science communities. The Application server is installed with various software which are mainly specialized in materials science studies. Together with storage system with 1.4PB, those Supercomputer and Application server form very efficient supercomputing system. As an interface between user communities and supercomputing system, we Center for Computational Materials Science provide domestic and overseas users up to nearly 150 people with various services, and assure steady operation and maintenance of supercomputer systems and support for parallelization of program. We also conduct supercomputing studies of multiscale materials simulation.

supercomputer, computational materials science, multiscale calculation, large scale computer simulation
Configuration of the supercomputing system

Configuration of the supercomputing system

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