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International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science

Yasuyoshi  NAGAI

Head/Pro.fYasuyoshi NAGAI

  • Assoc. Prof. Takeshi TOYAMA
  • Assoc. Prof. Kenta YOSHIDA
  • Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. Kenji KONASHI
  • Assist. Prof. Ai NAKAMURA
  • Assist. Prof. Yusei SHIMIZU

Challenge of Variety Developments of the Atomic Energy Study

IMR-Oarai is open to researchers all over the world for the collaborative studies using irradiated-materials and actinide materials, as the most leading center in the related research field for more than 40 years since the foundation. Research subjects covered here include fundamental studies and R&D on fusion structural materials, high heat-flux ux materials, and a variety of functional materials, as well as engineering oriented studies for the safety of light water reactors and basic researches supporting them. Materials studies utilizing radio-isotopes are also being conducted. In addition, actinide-based new material development and advanced nuclear fuel development are other important topics of research in this facility.

nuclear-energy related materials, nano-structural analysis, actinoids, heavy fermion
Equipment for microstructural analysis of highly-activated irradiated materials

Equipment for microstructural analysis of highly-activated irradiated materials: Aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope (left), Laser-assisted three-dimensional atom probe (right)

Tetra-arc furnace for growing high-quality single crystals in order to investigate the exotic electronic properties of actinide compounds

New Tetra-arc furnace with the Czochralski puller for preparation of various compounds of Actinideelements

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